2 Blue Brick Wall winners!

Well done 2 Blue on winning the Brick Wall award!

Here are some more photographs to add to those taken by Mr Carter and posted earlier.  Thank you to Shaun for taking these pictures.

We hope you enjoyed your treat children.  You are worthy winners!

3 responses to “2 Blue Brick Wall winners!”

  1. Eesa F.

    The bike you con’t ride on the adventure playground.

  2. Shabaz A.

    Well done 2 blue for winning the brick wall. We ride the bikes and some people went on the adventure playground.

  3. Ellie-Louise T.

    Well done 2 bule we won it and l a happy we won the nick wall
    Weelcome to bike lthick we done it l thick we are reddy for
    Year 3 2 bike l thick we are going to be in there white

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