2 Blue- Communities

This half term in PSHE with Miss Dewar we have been focusing on Communities.

We have discovered what communities we are a part of and how we can respect them. We also looked at how communities are different and their character.


  1. What other communities are you a part of?
  2. How do you respect them?
  3. What do I mean by the community is full of character ?

22 thoughts on “2 Blue- Communities

  1. 1. You shuaed pick up things that are in the floor
    2.YOU shuaed not fight.
    3. Never lie to the.
    4. Help your frinds if they fall down.
    5. downt hit peopl.

  2. To take care of broadheath community pick up all the litter.
    You don’t fall and hurt yourself and do not fight at all.
    We are part of UK Foleshill.

  3. Super comments from the children. Who can you contact if you would like things to happen in the community of Foleshill. PS It is not me!

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