2 Blue Healthy Meals

This term in Science, we are learning how to take care of our bodies. We have begun by learning about healthy diets. Pupils will also learn about the food groups.

This week, we have given the children chance to make and eat a healthy meal. We looked at the ingredients and thought about how much of each food group we needed.

Pupils made pasta with cheese and tomato. 
1. Why did we need to have mostly pasta?
2. Why did we need to eat fruit for pudding?
3. There was nothing from the meat, fish egg and beans group. What would be a sensible meal for dinner after having the pasta for lunch?

9 thoughts on “2 Blue Healthy Meals

  1. People chose pasta because it has carbohydrates.
    Fruit are good for you because its a balanced diet and allso has lots of vitamins.
    Its a good meal to have egg and beans.

  2. Fruits and vegetables are very healthy food it has vitamins inside.
    It’s very healthy for you and makes you grow up and makes you strong.

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