24 thoughts on “2 Blue Japan Research

  1. In Japan they eat sushi. They yous to have a famoust artest called Hokusai he lived in Japan . He now is dead they had monkeys called ice monkeys. They use symbols to write. They had a earthquake and Hokusai panted mount fugi . Ladies where’d kimono.

  2. Japan people eat sushi.
    Did you know Japan people write in different languages in there continues.
    Japan people flag is white and a red dot.

  3. Japan has The worlds oldest company.square watermelons are grown by
    Japanese farmers for easier stack and store.in Japan there are more pets then

  4. This is how to count in Japan up to ten. Ichi kni,San , shi,go,roku,nana,hachi,kyu,ju.
    Did you know there is a very fast train called the bullet train?
    There’s a mountain called Mount Fuji that used to be erupted but now it’s instinct and it’s very famous.Hokusio is a famous printer that did lots of images of Mount Fuji.Sushi is very popular.

  5. Remember to post all the new facts you have learnt throughout the week.

    Farhaan has gone the extra mile and had a surprise visit off Mrs Frankish praising him for his super work! Well done😊

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