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2 Blue Making a Banana Milkshake

In Year 2, we are learning about instructions. To help us to understand them, we have been following instructions.

This week, we followed a recipe to make a Banana Milkshake.

Can you write your own instructions for making a Banana Milkshake?

Remember to use imperative verbs and use numbered steps.

The winner will win a prize from the big prize box next Monday.

10 thoughts on “2 Blue Making a Banana Milkshake

  1. 1. Wash your hands
    2. Chop the banana
    3. Add 2 scoop of ice cream
    4. Add milk into the jug
    5. Mix them together
    6. Tip the banana milkshake

  2. Banana Milkshake
    1 banana🍌.
    2 Scoops Vanilla ice cream🍧.
    1 Cup of Semi-Skimmed Milk 250ml.
    First wash your hands👏.
    Sliced the banana🍌.
    Put it into the blender jug add 1 cup of milk and 2 scoop of ice cream🍧.
    Blend ingredients until mixture is smooth.
    Pour into a cup and enjoy drinking banana milkshake

  3. 1.First wash your hands and then dry your hands.
    2.Then slice the banana 🍌.
    3.Next put the ice cream in the blender and the banana 🍌.
    4. After that put the blender on for 5mins.
    5.Finally surge the banana milkshake.

  4. 1.First you need to wash your hands.
    2.Then slice the banana.
    3.Next scoop some vanilla ice cream.
    4.After that pour some milk.
    5.Now blend the mixture together.
    6.Finally enjoy your banana milkshake.

  5. First wash your hands or you could have jurms.
    Next slice the banana 🍌 in the blender.
    Then scoop some vanilla ice cream 🍦 inside the blender.
    After that blend the blender.
    Finally pour your banana milkshake and drink 🍷 your banana milkshake.

  6. 1. Wash your hands in a sensible way.
    2. Chop the banana in a good way.
    3. Then slide the banana in to the jug.
    4. Next slide the ice cream in the jug.
    5. Pour the milk in the jug in a fantastic way.
    6. Blend the mixture together so it can get mix.
    7. Finally we serve your banana milkshake to everybody in the class. The End

    • Shabz when you say “chop a banana in a good way” can you tell me what you mean by this?? Can you give me clear instructions on how to chop the banana in a safe way?

  7. First we need to wash our hands. Then chop the banana.
    After chopping the banana add it to the blender.
    Thereafter add some milk.
    Add ice cream to make it tasti
    Lastly blend it all together.
    Finally enjoy your banana milkshake .

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