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  1. Julia Donaldson books,
    1) Room on the broom
    2) Zog
    3) The snails and the whale
    4) The Gruffalo’s child
    5) Monkey puzzle
    6) A squash and a squeeze
    7) superworm
    8) The highway rat
    9) Tiddler
    10) The smartest giant in town
    11) the paper dolls
    12) Tabby McTat
    13) The ugly 5
    14) The Smeds and the Smoos

  2. Other books my Julia Donaldson are the monkey puzzle and the snail and the whale
    And thank you for the story Mr Gordon
    I will post a picture of my mathswork

  3. 1. Other books of her: Room on the broom , Monkey Puzzle, Fox`s Socks ,Princess Mirror-bella
    2. hoarse- sounding rough and harsh.
    3.fighting is not a good idea

  4. Julia Donaldson books:
    Monkey puzzle – 2000
    A squash and a squeeze – 1993
    Superworm – 2012
    Room on the broom – 2001
    Hoarse means – (of a person’s voice) sounding rough and harsh typically, of the result of a sore throat or of shouting.
    I think it is good to be a doctor or nurse because that means you can help people that are sick or poorly and make them heal from their illness.

  5. Julia Donaldson has written so many book I will list the ones I’ve read before-
    The Gruffalo
    What the ladybird heard
    What the ladybird heard next
    Sugar and the unicorn
    The highway rat
    Monkey puzzle
    The scarecrows wedding
    Night monkey, day monkey
    The stick man
    Sharing a shell.
    She is my favourite author, because her books are exciting.

  6. Julia Donaldson books 📖:
    Zog,The smartest giant in town,Room on the broom,The Gruffalo,A squash and a squeeze,The gruffalo’s child,Paper Dolls,Monkey puzzle,Cave baby,What the lady bird says,Tyrannosaurus drip.
    Hoarse means harsh voice or husky voice.

  7. Other books by Julia Donaldson are:
    Night monkey day monkey
    The Detective Dog.
    Hoarse means that his voice sounded rough.
    I think it’s a good idea to be a Doctor or Nurse so we help people.

  8. Other books made by the same author are The gruffalo’s child and The smartest giant in town.
    Horse: provide (a person or vehicle) with a horse or horses.
    Fighting is a bad idea because it can injure someone.

    • Hoarse is a homophone. It sounds the same as horse (the animal), but it has a different meaning and has a different spelling.
      In the story it says ‘his throat grew hoarse’. I don’t think it means the animal.
      Good try though Markuss.

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