2 Blue visited 3 White!

Miss McKeown and I really enjoyed meeting and working with 2 Blue today.  It was great getting to know you and finding out your aspirations for Year 3.

Today we wrote our aspirations ready for our classroom display in September. We also played team games and had a circle time discussion including jelly beans!

What are your aspirations for Year 3?

Our mantra is : Making each day a masterpiece. What does this mean?

Tell us 2 interesting facts about yourself!


6 responses to “2 Blue visited 3 White!”

  1. Rifath A.

    I hope you have a nice time Mrs Street

  2. Hasnain G.

    I will miss you mrs street

  3. Cara-Jade S.


  4. Yalda N.

    Our mantra piese means that Making each day you’re amazing and fun. πŸŠπŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ…πŸŽ–πŸ†πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰πŸŽ¨
    I clean my house 🏠 and I play a lot at home. 🏑
    I hope you have a wonderful day .😍
    In year 3,I would like to have a pool party. 🎊
    My aspirations are into what we will do in year 3.πŸ€”

  5. Miss McKeown

    We had a fantastic, fun filled day getting to know eachother and our aspirations for Year 3. I am excited to make next year a masterpiece with all of you!

  6. Head Teacher

    Looking forward to a great year!

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