2 Blue World Book Day

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Hi 2 Blue,

What a wonderful day we had on World Book Day! You all worked so hard, but also had so much fun. Thank you for your efforts.

  • [tds_council]As part of your homework this week, I would like you to write about the things we did on the day.
    • Reading and writing the story
    • Writing a book review
    • Reading ‘Up and Down’ and answering questions
    • Making a programmable penguin
    • Reading other Oliver Jeffers’ Books
    • Artwork of one of the settings in the book




  • Even though it is on a computer, you still need capital letters and full stops.
  • Use adjectives to describe your feelings about each activity or subject.
  • This is homework so you need to spend quality time doing it.


Here is a video to help remind you of the things we did.

32 thoughts on “2 Blue World Book Day

  1. my favourite activty was to buid programming punguin. i also liked painting lost and found background. i dreesed as the boy who droped the penguin in south pole. legowedo was the most funest activty because it was nice. we also liked write a book reveiws.
    i really liked my costem i wached the story dvd on the compoter
    world book days are really amzing.
    my really favroit activty was programming penguin was amzing too in the world

  2. from mandy and sarina’world book day was fun .i loved world book day. we liked all The activtyes in world book day we did one of The oliver jefers book pages and we read some oliver jefers books.finally we made some lego penguin.

  3. 1.World book day was fun my Favorite activity was the artwork.
    2.The skills we learnt panting skills/ programing skills and
    book review.
    3. We watched the film/read some books/researching/rewriting the story
    4.i dressed up as the boy in lost and found because i had the outfit.

  4. We made programmable penguin, We readed Olfier jeffers books AND we painted lost and found pictures.we rewrote the book about lost and found as well as a book review.I learnt an new skill about painting

    and my favroute activty was painting

  5. i learnd my panting skills
    then i made a progamble penguin
    then id readid books
    after that id did my book review
    then we watched lost and found
    i liked watching lost and found

  6. my favourite activity was drawing the setting of a book also i love reading ney oliver jeffers books.
    love dressing up in costumes i love builduing penguins on lego we do i dressed up as harry potter.I also write a book review.

  7. i loved world book day. i learnt lots about oliver jefuures book,s
    and i painted my own picture of oliver jeffers lost and found.
    i mayd miy own lego pengin wiht lexi.
    my favrt activaty was the lego because we can make ower own pengin.
    i dresst as elsa.

  8. On World Book Day, we did many fun things. Here’s a list of what we did:
    * Setting art work
    * Read Oliver Jeffer’s books
    * Programmed penguins
    * Done a book review
    * Watched lost and found
    These were one of the best days at school. I dressed up as penguin. Mostly, I enjoyed the artwork. Thank you Mrs Fankish for letting us dress up.

  9. On world book day, I liked when we had to make penguins with lego and I painted a page from the story.I have read a book from Oliver Jeffers called Up & Down . I enjoyed our book I will recommended this book to my family members.I love it when we read the book and watched the film with the class.On world book day I came in as a penguin.

  10. The thing we did was have a picture and wrote about the book in are own way.

    We also did a book review about lost and found and we read some of Oliver Jeffers books.

    we made programmable penguins.

    We painted a setting from the story.

    The parts that I liked was when we did the lego penguin and did painting.THAT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!

  11. I loved doing the extraordinaire art work and making black and white penguin. I enjoy watching lost and found . I really liked reading Oliver-
    jeffers books.

  12. On world book day we read a book and we answered 11 questions.
    We read more oliver jefferies books and also painted a scene of a page of the book. We also dressed up from different characters from books.

  13. I loved world book day. From world book day i learnt how to paint a lost and found setting,read oliver jeffers stories and made a progranimal penguin. my favoret actifity was the panting setting.

  14. On the world book day, we did our reviews in our reading diary we had to write what the story is about and what character are played in the story and brief summary.

    We read the Up and down, story written by Olivier Jeffers. I found the story really nice, it was about a boy and his friend penguin. We also read other books written by Olivier Jeffers called how to catch a star, stuck and the great paper caper.

    I enjoyed making the programmable penguin using the Lego’s and giving it instructions to make penguin sound.

    We did some art work and created an scene from the story, where the little boy asks the penguin if they have seen his friend.

  15. On World Book Day we did Art work, read Oliver Jeffers book and wrote a book review. Then we watched Lost and Found and read the book. Next we made Programmer Penguins using Lego. What I enjoyed the most was creating the setting for the Lost and Found book using Pastels. World Book Day was fantastic!

    • Well done Marvin for being the first to do your homework. You are a super learner. Congratulations on the correct use of capital letters and full stops too!

  16. On World Book Day we did Art work, some Interviews and reading Oliver Jeffers books. And we watched Lost and Foun and read the book. W

    • World book day was great because all the activities that we did were really fun! I enjoyed dressing up too.My costume was a Red crayon.I hoped every one else had a good time too.☺

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