2 Red at Weston-Super-Mare

How fantastic the weather was! What a brilliant time we had! We created some great memories and gained first hand experiences to help us with our ‘Seaside Topic’ learning. 

What did you enjoy most?

Write a list of the seaside features we spotted.

Think carefully and write an adjective that best describes your seaside experience. I can think of fantastic, fun, interesting. 

12 thoughts on “2 Red at Weston-Super-Mare

  1. Weston super mare trip was the best trip with my teachers and my friends.
    i seen sand,lighthouse,island,shop,
    I love making sand castle at the beach.i also enjoyed the ice lolly we had with my whole class and teachers.
    Thanks for arranging such a lovely trip.😊

  2. It’s was a fantastic trip, I really enjoyed myself. There where many different things that I seen. The best part of the trip was making sandcastle with my friends. I always enjoyed covering my mummy’s feet with the sand. Can’t wait to go school and talk all bout the trip, and share my experience 👍👍👍

  3. ‘Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!
    It looks like 2 Red have had a fantastic day filled with new, first hand experiences.

    Did you see any donkeys?

  4. I enjoyed making the sandcastles at seaside and l enjoyed the view of lighthouse. I saw a big island and it was long. I really enjoyed the hot weather at the seaside. It was a wonderful trip and I liked the hole day it was also very fun.

    The things I spotted at the seaside are:-
    1. Lighthouse
    2. Island
    3. Different flags of the different countries
    4. Sea weeds
    5. Seagulls
    6. A lot of sand
    7. Shops

    My experience at the seaside was a beautiful and wonderful experience. It was fun and there was a lot of activities to do such as making sandcastles and there was attractive places to views.

    Thank you for the trip.

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