2 Red- Book week

What a fantastic week 2Red have had!  We have been focusing our learning on ‘Bella and Monty’ by Alex. T.Smith.

Take a look at all of the wonderful learning that has happened in 2 Red this week!


We used the green screen room to act and retell the story too!

The caterpillar group were thinking about how the main character, Monty was feeling. They asked him questioned and role played his answers.  All children tried really hard to speak with clear and confident voices. Please look at our video:

Finally we created a wonderful display all of our super learning from this week!


How have you made this week a masterpiece?

List 2 new words you have learnt.

How have you made progress?


22 thoughts on “2 Red- Book week

  1. I have made progress by leaning about Alex T.smith and my favourite part of book
    week is playing some party games because I want to have a good day.Partys are
    the best.

  2. 1.i have made a master piece by being able to write in joined up writing
    2.i have learnt a new word it is called quivering and nestled
    3 . I have made progress by being good

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