2 Red-Hygiene Experiment Continued…

To continue with our work on hygiene and taking care of our bodies, Year 2 had to make careful observations of the potatoes we used 2 weeks ago. Here are our little scientists to tell you more…

What does hygiene mean?

What did we learn from our investigation?

Tell me 3 different ways of staying hygienic…

4 thoughts on “2 Red-Hygiene Experiment Continued…

  1. 1. Hygiene means keeping yourself and things around you clean.
    2. We rubbed potatoes in different areas of school. potato 4 was covered in most germs from the toilet seat. potato 1 had less germs from the floor than the others.
    3. We stay clean by washing our hands after going to the toilet. Having a shower to keep our body clean. Throwing dirty tissues in the dustbin after sneezing,

  2. -Hygiene means cleanliness of your self and your surroundings.
    -Potatoes number 4th was the most dirty and it has most germs on it.
    1. Clean your self i.e washing hands regularly after using toilet, before and after eating, when you come back home from outside and whenever it’s needed.
    2. Brush your teeth twice a day so you can stay away from cavities & Take shower after every one day so you can stay hhealthy.
    3. Wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them and washing pots are important too which we are using for eating.

  3. 1. Hygiene means that your clean.
    2. We learned if we don’t wash are hands then if you touch something and someone touches it then they will get germs too but if you wash your hands and you touch something then it will be fine.
    3. Brushing your teeth twice a day, wash your hand after toilet and before eating, take a shower every week.

  4. 1) Hygiene means cleanliness, We should wash our hands before and after eating.We should clean our body and our surroundings aswell.

    2) We rolled down the potato on the toilet and floor and looked at it with a magnifying glass.We saw black germs on it.We saw potato which was rubbed on the toilet had more germs on it.
    3)(1) When you touch your pet you need to wash your hands.
    (2)Wash your hands before and after eating yours food.
    (3)You need to brush your teeth twice a day.

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