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2 Red – Travelling back to Victorian Times

To support our learning in topic, 2 Red travelled back to Victorian times at the Ironbridge museum. Despite the weather, we had a fantastic day. The children and helpers were all fabulous.

Watch the clip above carefully and see if you can answer any of the questions asked.

Would you like to live in Victorian times? Explain your answer.

8 thoughts on “2 Red – Travelling back to Victorian Times

  1. No, because our bothering parents will tell us to do all the work.
    The candles were green so the workers knew that the candles were their boss’s.
    The stuff inside the candles are poisonous to keep the rats and mice away.

  2. No because I am 6 years old and I have to work in coal mines to get coal to make fires 🔥 to keep people warm and the poisonous ☠️ candles🕎 in the dark,cold mines to keep the rats 🐀 away.

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