2 Red Maths – Friday 22nd May

Making patterns with shapes

Today we are going to use what we have learnt to solve the problems below. Look carefully at the shapes and use mathematical vocabulary to answer the questions. Below is a reminder of some of the vocabulary you have learnt recently.

Look carefully at the shapes below. Name the shape comes next in the pattern? What has changed from the previous shape? Has it turned or is it in the same position? How much?

Don’t forget to label your answers with caterpillars, bronze, silver, gold and GD. Number them too please where there is one.

How has the triangle turned in the the pattern below? Use 1/4, 1/2 and full turn. clockwise and anti clockwise.

PERFECT ANSWER – The triangle has turned clockwise (to the right) 1 quarter each time.


After you have completed this, have a go at Bronze please.





Please send pictures of the work you have done to y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

24 thoughts on “2 Red Maths – Friday 22nd May

  1. Silver: The triangle turned half a turn clockwise each time.
    The rectangle turned a quarter clockwise each time.
    The rest of my work in my book has been emailed.

  2. I will send Bronze and silver.
    Eva is corect.
    Greater depth
    The 2 last 2 and 3 are incorect because the are not equal to all of those shapes.

  3. bronze: 1:triangle triangle triangle 2: rectangle rectangle rectangle
    Silver: 1:left left. 2: 1:up down 2: up down.
    Gold: Eva
    GD:1: other way.2: same side

    • Yedullah, if you are not drawing the patterns can you describe the turns and directions using positional and directional language that you have learnt this week.
      For Gold- could you explain why Eva is correct please.

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