2 Red- The light house keeper’s lunch


What super work 2Red have been doing about the Seaside! Look at our wonderful display. What have you learnt 2Red?

We have been reading a wonderful story called ‘The lighthouse keeper’s lunch’ in literacy. The children have sequenced the story and used time words to verbally retell the story. We used the green room to help us


2Red, your challenge is to retell the story using a range of time connectives. Try to include these words:


9 thoughts on “2 Red- The light house keeper’s lunch

  1. One day mr grinding was living in the
    Little cottage but in the night he worked in the light house.
    When Mrs grinding was making the yummy food.
    After a while Mrs grinding put the food in the basket.

  2. Ones upon a time there was a man called MR grinling and mrs
    grinling she made MR grinling a peach surprise then she
    sended it down a rope suddnly the greedy seegulls ete the
    peach surprise after that MR grinling was angry then finally MRS grinling made a plan the next day she put her cat in the bascet but meanwhile seegllus ate the lunch.
    in the end she made masturd sandwiches then the seagulls said yak and they never came back.

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