2 Red Topic Homework

The children have been learning about the Great Fire of London. They researched the buildings, the materials they were made out of and discussed why the fire spread so quickly.  For homework they created some fantastic 3D models. Take a look at a few of them below. 

What material were the houses made out of?

Why did the fire spread quickly?

Where did the people go to escape the fire? 

5 thoughts on “2 Red Topic Homework

  1. 1.The houses were made out of wood.
    2.The fire spread quickly because London was dry after a long, hot summer.
    3.The people fled to the river or fields outside of London to escape from the fire.

  2. 1. The houses were made out of wood in 1666.
    2. The fire spread quickly because it was windy.
    3. The people went into the lake to escape from fire.

    • Well done Aaminah. The fire spread because the wind blew down the narrow streets and also because the houses were made out of wood. Some of the people escaped the fire by going to the Thames River.

  3. The material that the houses that were made of was wood.
    The fire spread quickly because the buildings were made of wood and wood can burn really quickly.
    The people of London went to the ocean and river because fire can’t burn water this is the most safe option.
    By Moosa Khan

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