2 Red – Wanted Poster

Imagine that the giant had clambered down the beanstalk in the Year 2 corridor and escaped. Did you catch a glimpse of him? Can you describe him? We closed our eyes and thought of expanded noun phrases to use in our wanted posters. Here are some of our ideas.

How would you describe the giant?

6 thoughts on “2 Red – Wanted Poster

  1. The giant has massive ,bushy hair.He smells like rotten eggs.
    The giant has a offal,stinky shirt and infamous hairy eye brows.
    He likes to eat bones and kids.
    The giant has a golden egg laying hen and thick grey jumper.

  2. The giant smells like rotten eggs and has huge, bushy eyebrows.
    The giant has an enchanted, golden harp. Although the giant was really hungry, he got out his golden egg laying hen.The giant has a grey, thick jumper. The giant lives at the top of the beanstalk witch was so high it touched the sky! Have you seen how much food he eats? What a big jumper he has! Did you see this vile, nasty giant?

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