2 White Around the World Week: Spain

¡Hola niños!

It has been a hugely successful week in 2 White! We have gained lots of new knowledge about Spain and had lots of fun too!

We have:

  • Located Spain on a map – We now know which continent it is in; which countries border Spain; which seas surround Spain and we can name the capital city!
  • Learnt about the physical features – particularly the Pyrenees mountains.
  • Created fans & castanets.
  • Learnt to flamenco dance!
  • Created a bar chart to show our favourite Spanish tourist attractions.
  • Learnt how to introduce ourselves in Spanish.
  • Used directional and positional language to explain where different Spanish cities are found on the map.

Have a look for yourselves…

Some children also created a video in the green room with Mrs Raja-Khan…

Can you tell me some interesting facts about Spain?

One thought on “2 White Around the World Week: Spain

  1. Spanish dance called flamenco. Spanish dancers wear spotty dresses, spotty high hills, castanets, fans and a big spotty clip.
    The Spanish flag is red and yellow. Spanish people say hello like this Hola!
    Spain is next to Portugal and France. The capital city of Spain is Madrid and Barcelona is a nice city and I visited with my family.

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