2W Maths Challenge – Friday 15th May

Go on to Education City and you will find a challenge set in your homework!

Caterpillars – Your activity is called ‘How We Roll’ and you must add and subtract numbers to 20. Use paper to draw your jottings.

Butterflies – Your activity is called ‘Dancing Robot’. You need to fill in the missing numbers!

Bees, Ladybird & Spiders – Your activity is called ‘Calculation Station’. You will need to build the fact families correctly using the inverse!



37 thoughts on “2W Maths Challenge – Friday 15th May

  1. I did how we roll and got 100%.
    I did dancing robot and got 100%.

    Lee has 8 strawberries.
    The whole shape would look like a square.

  2. Challenge 1:
    Lee has 8 strawberries all together.
    The whole shape of Lees sandwich would be square.
    Challenge 2:
    The lolly costs 94p
    Challenge 3:
    Max gives his friends 33.

  3. Leo has 2 more strawberries left.
    Leo had a half of a shape what could the whole shape look like . It’s a square challenge 2 . Tim buys a lolly and a chew the lolly cost 12 more then the chew the total cost the to of the item is 82 how much does the lolly cost is 70p.
    Challenge 3 stickers came in to 5 packs he gave 3 of hes stickers to his friends then he reserved the same call and had 27 left how much stickers did max give them he gave all over his friends 1

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