6S Graduates of the Week!


Well done to the graduates of the week in 6S!

Hamzah is our maths graduate this week. He has shown real determination when doing some challenging Level 6 work. Well done Hamzah :)

Natalia is our writing graduate this week. She has made fantastic progress in writing a persuasive letter and tried really hard. Well done Natalia :)

Anika is our reading graduate this week. She attends a reading club at lunchtime with Mrs Janjua and she has gone above and beyond in her work at home and has shown real dedication to the club. Well done Anika :)

Mubeen is our positive attitude graduate this week. He is displaying a focused attitude towards his learning and has started to attend breakfast club which has had a great impact on his work. Well done Mubeen :)

Now the challenge is set for the rest of 6S to try and become a graduate next week!


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