22.05.20 4 R Maths Home Learning

Good morning, for your Home Learning today you are going to be practicing your timetables. Take a look below for your bronze, silver and gold challenges.

Bronze – https://ttrockstars.com

Silver – chose a times table that you struggle with and create a poster on how you can learn them.

Gold – explain the pattern for learning the 9 times tables.


15 thoughts on “22.05.20 4 R Maths Home Learning

  1. I got 50 correct and 0 incorrect.

    I do not struggle with any times table.

    The pattern is each time you a nine the ones column gets littler like 9,18,27,36.

  2. On TTRS I got 45 correct and 2 incorrect

    I will send my poster

    The pattern is 9,18 and 27 the last number goes one lower than the first like 987654321.

  3. Bronze
    I will do ttrs
    I will make a poster and i will send it
    This is the pattern of the 9 time table
    When you go down it is like 987654321 but when you go up from the bottom it is like this 123456789

  4. Bronze
    I have completed ttrs.
    I don’t struggle with any times table
    You can use your fingers to help yo7 with the 9 times table.
    Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone

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