*23/02/2021 Year 4 Home Learning – Topic*

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

To locate the countries Phileas will visit on a map.


Google Maps:


Downloadable World Map:

Main Task:

Bronze – Identify the countries Phileas visited on a map.

Silver – Draw a line connecting the countries Phileas visited in order. Write a sentence to explain why your line looks like that?

Gold – Identify and label which oceans/seas Phileas travelled through.


Which continent was explored the most? Why do you think this?

86 thoughts on “*23/02/2021 Year 4 Home Learning – Topic*

    • Is that the map on this blog page? It should download a blank world map. You need to be looking at the countries he visited around the world – please watch my video again.

    • Zahra, these are unfortunately not the countries that Phileas visited. Neither are they in the right places! Have another watch of the video.

  1. Bronze and Silver.
    1.London – Paris – Turin.
    By railing a boat.
    2.Broncos – Suez – Aden.
    By steamer.
    3.Hong Kong – Shanghai.
    By steamer.

    • Wow! What fantastic presentation and map locating skills! I’m not sure I agree with your GD answer though – it’s more about which continent did he visit the most, not which is the largest! Well done for thinking more widely about the question though.

    • Under the map is a small ‘download’ in blue. Click this, and it should open. It probably won’t work on a phone, possibly a tablet. Try a laptop, or if not, save a google image of a blank world map and use an app to draw over the top.

    • That is so lovely to hear Saee, I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson as much as I enjoyed creating it.
      Brilliant map work! I can clearly see the countries he visited.
      Did you manage to complete GD Saee?

  2. Bronze and Silver.
    1.London – Paris – Turin.
    By railing a boat.
    2.Broncos – Suez – Aden.
    By steamer.
    3.Hong Kong – Shanghai.
    By steamer.

    • Brilliant, careful work as always Lillie.

      Where are the countries in relation to the equator?
      Hint – he only visits one country on the equator line – do you know which one?

  3. I tried the link but it doesn’t work .
    I think Antarctica because a lot of people go there and it a good place if you want information about it. In Antarctica you can learn Russian, and uncover the Earths history, fossils, rear plants and species.
    It also has largest land mass on Earth.

    • Wow, super map work Safa! I can see clearly the countries he visited.
      For GD – which continent did you mean? I can see ‘a sea’ but I think this may be a mistake.

    • Thank you Maryam. I’m not quite sure he went around the world in circles – he travelled in a line, above the equator. Your map work shows a good start, but does not highlight all of the countries he visited. have another look please!

    • Good to see you on the blog Shahzaib. You need to complete the tasks properly. Which countries did Phileas visit? Can you screenshot or print the map and label them?

    • Please do your maths and English work now Shahzaib. You are responsible for your learning. Complete yesterday’s English blog first please.

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