Writing Challenge

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Here are some of the words you generated in your word banks today to describe how Nemo felt throughout the film clip.

Bronze – Write sentences to describe how Nemo felt.

Silver – Use a thesaurus to improve the words in the word banks.

Gold – Imagine you are Nemo and write about how you felt throughout the day in a diary entry.

11 thoughts on “Writing Challenge

  1. bronze
    nemo was feeling really chearful and a little bit nervous. nemo was also feeling realy energetic.
    nemo was feeling a tiny bit tired from rushing around to much.

  2. dear diary:

    Wow school already and I am feeling pumped and excited to do this.At one point I mite feel miserable but I am feeling great rite now:)

  3. Bronze:
    In the first day of school Nemo was exited about going to school .he woke up his dad Nemo said ” dad wake up don’t want be late of the first day of school” said Nemo. Nemos dad said sadly” can’t we go another day ? Because you can go in two years can’t you? Said dad triedly .

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