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27/03/2020 – Daily Craft

Good afternoon Broad Heath, I hope you are all well and keeping safe! I know lots of you like Pokemon so today we are going to make a paper Pikachu. Lils and I had so much making these!

I will post another craft idea on Monday. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

48 thoughts on “27/03/2020 – Daily Craft

  1. I am a real pokemon catcher .
    its my secret .
    I love pokemon .
    and I have made a pokemon book this week I have been drawing and writing about all my favourite pokemon. will ask my mum to send it I to show miss rk
    I will make this Pikachu today

  2. An another Daily Craft Idea I’m so into it your amazing crafts. Also, I’ve really enjoyed the crafts so far it always turns good!!💖💖 OH!! and I love the idea of Pikachu.

    By Khadijah🤞 stay optimistic !!

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