Reception Red Learning.

This week the children learnt all about Diwali and patterns. They made 3D diwas using the large foam building blocks, rangoli patterns using coloured rice and enhanced their motor skills by making diwas using play dough.





During Stay and Play parents came to help the children with their reading and number recognition.

IMG_9142 IMG_9147 IMG_9143 IMG_9148 IMG_9149 IMG_9145

          What was your favourite learning this week and why?

6 thoughts on “Reception Red Learning.

  1. I like to make Rangoli as’s really fun
    .we use different colours to make nice pettern.I enjoy this week with my class teacher and friends.

  2. Ravi enjoyed Diwali as it was the festival of Lights, Also Ravi had a enjoyable day at school as their was a wide range of activities and fun,

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