2B 20.05.20 Communities

To identify how to care for our local community

Hello Year 2. I hope you are all well. We have identified a number of communities that we belong to. Today, I would like your to think about your local community. Let’s take a look at Foleshill.

How can you make a difference in your local community? Think about the people and the environment.

How did the animals who lived in this farm community help each other and make a difference?

I would like you to think about how you can make a difference in your local community. You could pick up your litter or make sure that all of your toys are put away and not left outside. You could make a card for a neighbour or a family member who is not feeling well, Have a think and draw a picture that explains your way of helping. It doesn’t matter how small. All the small acts add up together and will improve your community.

13 thoughts on “2B 20.05.20 Communities

  1. I can help the community by:
    Helping my neighbors.
    Keeping the environment clean (picking litter up etc).
    At school I can see if any children need a friend to play with and play with them.
    Be school council and help with duties around the school.
    At mosque I can help with cleaning up and help with fundraising.
    At library I can help with organising the books in place.
    And overall I can smile at people so I can make them happy.

  2. How can you make a difference in your local community?
    #You can help your neighbours
    #you can make everybody happy in your neighbourhood

  3. I can help my local community by asking my neighbour Grandma Julie if she needs anything and talk to her to make sure she’s not feeling lonely.

  4. Iam always helping my mum and keep my room tidy.
    I made a card for my mum I will send the picture.

    First the cow was not helping them.Then the cow got sick, all other animals helped him to feel better. The cow feld sorry then he decide to help them too.

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