2B 21.05.20 To understand events following the Blitz

Last week we learned about the Coventry Blitz. After bombing raids and to lift morale during the war, people played and sang the song, ‘We’ll Meet Again’ sang by a lady called Vera Lynn. I think a lot of people would have been singing it during the Blitz in Coventry to cheer everyone up. Sing along to the video below.

Not long ago, we celebrated VE day. Can you remember what VE stands for?What else do you remember? Take a look at the video below to refresh your memories.

Have a go at the VE day word search below and see how many of the VE day words you can find, then, if you wish, choose an activity to take part in.

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You could create a doily out of white or coloured paper. Remember how we created snowflakes. Cut a circle and then fold it in half, then quarters and then again. Snip our shapes and then open it up to discover a beautiful pattern!

Create some red, white and blue hand bunting.

You could create a plate liner of a table mat. Use your imagination! You could use collage, paint or crayons.

If you would like to and you are able to (ask an adult first please and it must be supervised) you could bake a wartime cake or make some wartime lemonade.

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  1. VE stands for Victory in Europe.
    We celebrate VE day on 8th of May every year. It started in 1945. The battle was started in 1940 and end it 1945.
    Wow I find all of the VE Day words.☺️

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