2B English 18.05.20 Role play

Hi Year 2!

Last week we finished our story, Fantastic Mr Fox. Today we are going to be using our drama skills to verbally retell or role play the story. You could ask family members to join you to act out the story. You could make stick puppets of each character or even make masks!

Think about how each character would speak, how they would move, how they would stand and behave.

Use the pictures below to remind you what happened in the story.

Here are some characters you could use for stick puppets.

Send a photo or short video of your learning to Y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

8 thoughts on “2B English 18.05.20 Role play

    • Can you send a photo or a video of you doing role play Najma.
      Remember to use the illustrations to help you think what the characters might be saying.

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