2B English 19.05.20 Retell Fantastic Mr Fox

Hi Year 2,

Yesterday, you explored the story of Fantastic Mr Fox through use of role play. This should have helped you remember what happened in the story and given you lots of ideas for writing.

Today I would like you to retell the story in your own words. I am expecting QUALITY writing just like at school. (Writing only a few sentences is NOT good enough!) It was a very long story but make sure you include the main parts!

Use the pictures to help you…

Here is what we will be expecting to see in your writing…
These are the writing checklists we use at school. All Year 2 children will be familiar with these!

Take your time & show me how brilliant you are!

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  1. Once upon a time there were 3 farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean.
    Boggis always eats 3 bowls of chickens and disgusting dumblings.
    Bunce always eats donuts with geese.Bean always drinks his fizzy Apple juice.Mr fox was outside so he can rest.Then the farmers hold their guns out ready and bean said shoot when you see Mr Fox. Then Mr fox heard something so he crouched down to see and see something that was getting closer then he see them shooting and went closer and it was the farmers. The farmers were so mad because they didn’t get him but they said but we got his tail. Mr fox then went back inside and Mrs fox was checking his tail but the little foxes said it will grow again but Mrs fox said it won’t. After that then they saw a shovel coming through above them and were so shocked and they thought that it would be the farmers. Next they were digging for hours, hours and hours then they stopped and said now the farmers can’t find us. Next the farmers used machines to find Mr fox. After they digged a lot and the mountain looked horrible. But then they were still digging down and the sound of the machines were getting louder. After that they finally found Boggis house so they stole the food and been quiet. Next they came back home with the food and gave it to their mom and she was shocked. Then badger helped Mr fox to steal the food. After that the small fox drank a jar of apple juice. Suddenly they heard a voice of a women and they hide quickly. When the women was gone then they stole a jar of apple juice and ran away. Finally Mr Fox and his family and friends enjoy the feast. At the end they all were very happy.🤗

  2. In the forest, there were 3 hard-working and mean farmers named Boggis, Bunce, and Bean whose farm was always been raided by the ginger, orange, cunning and clever Mr Fox.
    Mr Fox lived underground in the tunnel with his family. He was a fantastic man to his family as he always went out to get them food. The farmers were angry at him and determined to stop him from taking the 3 farmers food, but Mr Fox was courageous and smart, so he always found another way to get to the farmers house.
    Mr Fox with his children and badger worked together to dig a tunnel that led to all the farmers house. He got plenty turkeys, ducks, geese and even the apple cider all for their feast which he had invited mouse, rabbit, mole and badger to.
    Mrs Fox was weak from not eating for days but she stood up as soon as she saw the 3 plump chicken and she began to cook cheerfully.

  3. Mr fox was living in a tunnel with his family under the farmers house.but the farmers called Bogis,Bunce,Bean were so mean,nasty and horrible.they had chicken,turkey and goose farms.Mr fox and his family was very hungry but they don’t have anything to eat so Mr fox made a plan of digging a holes or tunnels under their houses.he invited Mr badger to help him so they started to steal food from farmers house but one day they they seen Mr fox and then they tried so hard to catch and kill Mr fox but they couldn’t because of deep down tunnels.Mr fox worked so hard to get the food and finally with the help of badger they got enough food and Mr fox invitex everyone to the feast.they were so happy and not hungry anymore.

  4. Mr Fox lives underground with his family.To feed his family he steals food from three wicked farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean.
    The farmers try to kill Mr Fox but he manages to escape by digging further in the ground.
    The farmers decide to wait outside the hole until Mr Fox comes out because of starving.
    After three days trapped Mr Fox makes a plan to dig through the ground to farmers chicken house. Mr Fox kills several chickens and send them to his wife, so she can prepare a great feast.
    On his way to next destination Mr Fox meets his friend Mr Badger. Mr Fox asks him for help and also invites him, his family and other underground animals to the feast.
    They steal from cider and vegetables from Bean’s secret cellar and take them home.

  5. Once upon a time, there was a Fox called Mr Fox and he lived in a nice, lovely tunnel underground.Sometimes people say a song which is:
    Boggis,Bunce and Bean.One fat.One short.One lean.These horrible crooks , so different in looks.Were nonetheless equally mean.Every night he asked “What shall I get from Boggis, Bunce or Bean today?” And Mrs Fox said sometimes from Boggis Bunce or Bean. Boggis, Bunce and Bean are the most cruelest people who want to kill Mr Fox.Once Mr Fox was getting some food for the small Foxes, but while Mr Fox was getting the food.He didn’t know that Boggis, Bunce and Bean were holding guns to shoot him.What horrible people they were! Then Mr Fox saw something shiny and quickly ran back but his tail got shot off.He came home with no food.Mrs Fox and the children were so sad, upset and horrified from these crooks, but the children and Mrs Fox thought it would grow back.Then Boggis, Bunce and Bean came up with another plan.They said they would build a machine which will dig through the lovely tunnel.Then they started the digging the next day.After a while Mrs Fox said “Mr Fox? can you hear that sound?” Mr Fox replied “Its Boggis, Bunce and Bean!!! Why didn’t I think of that before.Foxes can dig faster.” The Foxes were digging as fast as they can! At last Boggis, Bunce and Bean were really tired, so the Foxes stopped too.The Foxes were soon very hungry, but Mr Fox didn’t have any food so they were starving.Suddenly Mr Fox came with another genius idea to dig another hole and carry the hole on, but then something amazing happened.Mr Fox entered a wooden floor and it was the farmers house! Mr Fox was amazed how he got there.Then Mr Fox got the best food from Boggis house.The small Fox ran back to Mrs Fox, but Mrs Fox thought she was having a dream, but after she heard what the small Fox said, she straight away decided to cook a delicious feast.And this happened for the second one which is Bunce house.On the way to Beans house, Mr Fox met Badger who was cross with Mr Fox, but decided to help him out.Badger was also amazed with Mr Fox.At the end they all had the best feast ever!!!!🙂

    • So much detail in the story Zahra. Its lovely to see you have used apt adjectives exciting vocabulary. I wanted to the story to keep going!
      You have used the success criteria very well.
      To make it even better, next time use a range of suffix’s. -ful, -ness, -ly, -ment and less.

  6. Once Upon a time there was three farmers called Bogis, Bunce and Bean.
    Bogis was the goose farmer and Bunce was the turkey farmer.They want to catch the foxes because the foxes stealing their foods and the farmer had an idea. they decided to dig the foxes tunnel to get them but the foxes dig more under the ground.Then Badger come to he Mr Fox and they decided to work together to get more foods.
    Finally the had a nice feast together.

    • I enjoyed reading that, thank you Mohammed. Remember to use the pictures to help you with your story. Its important you don not miss important parts of the story out.
      Next time try to use a range of subordinate clauses (but, so, or).

  7. The fox steals Fatty ducks and chickens from Bunce’s storehouse because they were feeling hungry. The farmers wanted to shoot Mr Fox because he keeps eating the chickens however they couldn’t catch him because of the tunnels. They one day waited for Mr Fox to come out of the hole, But they still couldn’t catch him and give up.
    Then the foxes made a tunnel to Bunce’s storehouse and they eat all of the chickens.

  8. Mr Fox lives with his wife and his four little foxes. To feed his family he steals food from the nasty farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean he does this every night. The farmers grow tired of Mr Fox stealing from them all the time, so the farmer’s try to capture Mr Fox and try to kill him. Mr Fox and Badger did a deep hole underground so that they can all hide from the farmers. Mr Fox, Badger, his children and his wife are all in the hole together trying to stay away from the nasty farmers and they have no food to eat. They become very very hungry. Mr Fox then makes a plan to steal food from the farmers by making a tunnel in the ground, all the way to the farmers’ houses. Badger helps Mr Fox and together they bring lots and lots of yummy food for everyone to eat. Mr Fox had brought so much food that he invited all of the animals to have a feast, he then asks them to live with him Underground and says that he will give them food, so all the animals can stay healthy and safe away from the nasty farmers that try to kill them. Mr Fox can help them because of his amazing idea of the tunnel however, the farmers are still waiting outside for Mr Fox to show up but he never does.

    • Ibrahim, this is wonderful. I miss reading your work in class. You have used the success criteria really well.
      To make this even better could you use some suffix’s. This can be in the way of an adverb to explain the how the action was being permformed.

  9. Once Upon a time there was three farmers called Bogis, Bunce and Bean.
    Bogis was the goose farmer and Bance was the turkey farmer.They want to cutch the foxes because the foxes stealing their foods and the farmer had an idea. they decided to dig the foxes tunnel to get them but the foxes dig more under the ground.Then Badger come to he Mr Fox and they decided to work toghether to get more foods.
    Finally the had a nice feast toghether.

  10. Once upon a time there was a fox named Mr Fox and he always used to hunt food for his family but one day Mr Fox was spotted by 3 men and they tried to kill him but they shot of his tail instead.And he all the time runs and then come back happy.

  11. Once apon a time, there was a fox who lived in a lovely tunle under a lush,green tree but there were some mean famers called Bogis,Bunce and Bean.Many children did not like them and they used to sing a song to the farmers that went along the lines of, Boggis,Bunce and Bean.One fat.One short.One lean.These horrible crooks ,so different in looks.Were nonetheless equally mean.One night, Mr Fox asks Mrs Fox what she wants to eat and per usual she answered chicken,turkey or geese. Mr Fox had set out but this night was different. He would usually stand againts the wind to smell out the stinky,mean farmers. However,he did not smell them but saw something shinning in the bushes. He quickly ran but his tail got shot off! The farmers were mad that they did not kill Mr Fox. Mr Fox decided to dig tunnles underground of each farmer’s house to get their food. While digging, they met Badger and they decided to dig the tunnle together to Bean’s basement. They sent the little badger to invite everyone to the feast while Mr fox got the cider and returned home. Everyone was not starving anymore and were happy instead.

    • Markuss, I love all the adjectives you have used to describe the nouns in this story.
      To make it even better, next time can you use a range of subordination (so, but, or).

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