2B English 20.05.20 Sequel

Hi Year 2,

Today we are going to think of ideas for a sequel to Fantastic Mr Fox. This means the book that comes next.

For example, we read ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and then the sequel, ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’. It followed on from the first book and told us what happened next.

Our story ended like this…

So, they were sat waiting and waiting for the foxes to come out. What could happen next?

Perhaps the animals will come up with a clever plan?
Perhaps the farmers will come up with a clever plan?
Perhaps the farmers will catch the animals?
Perhaps the animals will meet new enemies?
Perhaps the farmers will have a different problem?

There are so many options! You need to use your imagination and write your ideas on the blog.

Please do not write things like ‘The farmers will come up with another plan’. You need to give detail and come up with your OWN ideas. What could their next plan be? How would it work? Explain it to me.

Good luck! :)

30 thoughts on “2B English 20.05.20 Sequel

  1. The animals will dig a hole to get out in a different direction to the farmers so they can escape them.
    The animals might meet new enemies in the way so they will have to.think.fast

  2. The Farmers wait outside for a few days. Mr Fox does not come out because he is in the tunnel along with the other animals. The Farmers then think that they have scared the animals away and that they won’t come back
    “good riddance “they say. The Farmers each go back to their houses to find that food has been stolen
    “who’s stolen the food” they said
    “it can’t have been Mr Fox because he’s run away” Boggis said.
    They try looking all over the farm for an animal or someone that, has stolen their food they can’t find anything.
    They the find a tunnel and decide to go down it. However they get stuck there.

  3. Farmers kept waiting for very long, but then they got tired.They blocked the face of hole and went back to have some rest and come back tomorrow.
    When they went back they realised their chicken, geese cider and vegetables are missing. They thought its a new enemy so decided to stay at their chicken house and safeguard their place from new enemies
    When Mr Fox realised that his way out is blocked, he made a new tunnel with his friends and left that place with his family.

  4. 1) When the farmers sleep then the animals will come up silently and quietly. After that, animals looking outside, hunting and eat food. May be they find new enemies when they are ready for hunting.
    2) The farmers will come up with brilliant plan like going in Mr foxes tunnel and hold there guns out ready to shoot him when he comes outside.

  5. Perhaps the farmers will find a animal that becomes a enemy and join the three farmers and that animal and Fantastic Mr Fox will find another brilliant plan to keep going ahead the farmers.

  6. The fox might trick them.
    Find another way of leaving the hole without the farmers seeing them..
    If the farmers stay for to long they might fall asleep and the fox could escape.

    Farmers could just enter the hole with the guns in front .
    As the fox hears the footsteps of the farmers they’ll give into the farmer.

  7. I think the farmers will call the army in and bomb the tunnels. The animals could bring some lions and attack the farmer’s house. the best would be some animal-loving humans could save the animals from the farmers.

  8. The farmers start getting very hungry while outside so they go inside into their farms to get cider,turkey,chicken and geese liver dohnuts.When they went inside, each farmer saw that their food was missing. They return back to their campsite and tell each other what happened. Bean had a clever idea.Bean suggested they grab their guns and start crawling throught the tunnle. The animals hear that they are comming and dig down even more. the three farmers find the tunnle and start exploring it only to find it leads to their farms. They decide to destroy the tunnle.

  9. Perhaps the farmers will have a different problem because he does not have a good idea so they went away from the boy and made a bigger plan.

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