2B English 22.05.20 Possessive Apostrophe

Yesterday we learnt to use apostrophes for contraction (shortening 2 words to make one word e.g. didn’t).

Today we are learning about a different way to use the apostrophe. You should remember this from our lessons earlier in the year. An apostrophe can be used to show that one thing belongs to something. This is called a possessive apostrophe .

Your work has been set on Education City. The game is called ‘Possessive Obsession’. You will find it in the homework.

Once you finish, can you write some sentences on the blog using the possessive apostrophe?

E.g. Miss Smith’s fluffy, grey cat is very lazy.

26 thoughts on “2B English 22.05.20 Possessive Apostrophe

  1. I done my task on Education City. My score was 100%.
    My sister’s doll is pretty.
    My mum’s coat is pretty.
    This is Ayaan’s tablet.
    My dad’s shirt is black.

  2. well done children there is some great work going on usin apostrophes. Do you think you could tell me where I would need to put an apostrophe on this sentence?
    You are going to have so much fun with your new puppy.

  3. I have done education city.

    My dad’s car drinks too much petrol.
    My brother like’s hot weather.
    This is Ronnie’s car.
    The dog’s teeth are very big.

  4. I got 100 percent on education city.
    My mum’s dress is very pretty.
    My dad’s shoes are red, white, muddy and says adidas on it.
    My brother’s socks are very long.
    My friend’s are playing with me.

  5. This is Hudayifah’s laptop
    Hudayifah’s and Jawariyah’s room is messy
    Dad’s glasses are broken. (not sunglasses)
    Haroon’s toy is new is black.

  6. My sister’s glasses are colourful.
    My mum’s lily is pink.
    The nieghbour’s cat keeps destroying our garden.
    My mum’s speakers are very cool.

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