2B-Physical features and objects

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What do we mean by physical features and objects?

Physical means natural, anything that is not made by man/humans.[/ads_color_box][ads_color_box color_background=”#dee359″ color_text=”#000000″]We went on the hunt outside around the Broad Heath grounds, trying to find any physical objects we could use for our art work next week. During our walk we came across a few features that were physical but we could pick them up such as trees, dirt and water.[/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#e38e44″ color_text=”#000000″] There were plenty of physical objects around us, which some of us had never seen before and wanted to collect! However, we did not want to ruin and damage any of the nature, plants or flowers so we only collected leaves and branches that had fallen off. We done a lot of discovering and exploring near the compost, tyres and rainwater tanks.[/ads_color_box]

[ads_color_box color_background=”#f04141″ color_text=”#000000″]Look at the pictures can you see any other physical features or objects that I haven’t mentioned?[/ads_color_box]Image result for leave bannerImage result for leave banner

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