2B Using the library

[tds_info]In today’s lesson we looked at the index.  In class we discussed where we could found the index and how it is used. We went up to the library with a list of words we had to find.[/tds_info]

[tds_warning]Is an index found in fiction or non fiction books?[/tds_warning][tds_info]While searching around the library we discovered signs, this helped us find the correct books for the words we needed to find.[/tds_info]

[tds_council]As we were hunting for suitable books we discovered that not all the books contained these words. The words in the index match the topic of the book. So as a team we started to look for Weather books to match our topic of work. The Spiders used the library effectively and one person was able to find a book that contained all 6 words in the index! Well done Armaan![/tds_council][tds_warning]What can be found in the index?[/tds_warning]

5 thoughts on “2B Using the library

  1. Index is found in an non fiction book.

    In an index, you can find words that are relevant to the topic.

    I also like going to the foleshil library at the weekends, and taking out books to read at home.

    • Good work Armaan, you were truly a superstar in today’s lesson!
      Going to Foleshill library must of helped you as you used our library effectively, respected the library and learnt from today’s lesson.

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