2Blue Basic Skills 15.6.21

Hi guys! So, here we are again. It is a good job you are all absolutely awesome with online learning!! We have totally got this. To get you started, I have just quickly recorded today’s Basic Skill’s lesson. I will work hard to get English and Maths online as soon as I can.

Until I have sorted a link to upload your work, can it please be sent to the Year 2 email address. Y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

15 thoughts on “2Blue Basic Skills 15.6.21

  1. I did not find the work on Edication city.
    Index means an alphabetical list of names.
    Contents means it tells you where the page is.
    Glossary means a list of words relating to a specific subject,

  2. Hello lovely alone teachers so I don’t know how to send my work in and for the dictionary on English I couldn’t find the link may you please help me thank you 😄

  3. Hi caterpillar
    Please make a list of words that has ee sounds.
    I will start,
    Bee, see, tree. Now you can find more words with ee grapheme.

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