2D – Surfing the Wave of Success

We have had a great week in 2D.

We have been learning to find fractions and share. We have been writing non-chronological reports and we have been learning all about Papua New Guinea.

This week 20 children achieved 10/10 in their spelling test, but Miss Burton, Mrs Maher and Miss Dewar want to see EVERYONE achieving 10/10!

We really enjoyed wearing red to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Here is a fun game to play at home.


17 thoughts on “2D – Surfing the Wave of Success

  1. Miss Maher is putting cubes into a jar and if it is full by Friday all of the children might do lots of painting on the biggest paper paper in the world.

    • for our spellings we have all tried hard
      and we hoped we could all get at least all of us 10/10for are spellings. we have tried are hardest to get 10/10. mrs maher has been putting cubes in the jar and when it is full on Friday we are going to paint and decareayt easter eggs for are treat and we were so close of all of us for getting 10/10 for all treat I hope next time we all get 10/10 for are spellings. Keep surfing the waves of success.

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