2R 11.05.20 STEM To build a shelter

Can you remember the materials you needed to build a shelter for Mr Fox? What properties did they have?

Last week, you designed your shelter… so now you need to build it!

If you can go outside to build your shelter that would be great! If you haven’t the materials you chose, be inventive and use what you can find. Think about how the shelter will protect Mr Fox from the farmers and the weather.

If you are unable to go outside, you can always create a model shelter using the materials you have around your home and label it, explaining the materials you would use if they were available.

Write a short sentence on the blog, explaining how you got on! Don’t forget to send a photo if you can to y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk we would love to see your creations. Good luck!

20 thoughts on “2R 11.05.20 STEM To build a shelter

  1. My model is made from lego blocks but in real life I would make it out of wood because it camouflages with the forest and vecause it is strong and brown and green grass around the den to cover it and keep it hidden.
    I have sent a picture

  2. I am building mine from Blocks ( plastic) as it is waterproof, sticks ( wood) strong materials, leaves and soil to be camouflage …
    When I finish I will send my shelter picture.

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