2R 20.05.20 Communities

To identify how to care for our local community

Hello Year 2. I hope you are all well. We have identified a number of communities that we belong to. Today, I would like your to think about your local community. Let’s take a look at Foleshill.

How can you make a difference in your local community? Think about the people and the environment.

How did the animals who lived in this farm community help each other and make a difference?

I would like you to think about how you can make a difference in your local community. You could pick up your litter or make sure that all of your toys are put away and not left outside. You could make a card for a neighbour or a family member who is not feeling well, Have a think and draw a picture that explains your way of helping. It doesn’t matter how small. All the small acts add up together and will improve your community.

21 thoughts on “2R 20.05.20 Communities

  1. By giving things to charity.
    Helping people up they fall.
    Playing with people when there feeling down.
    Respecting your elders.
    By not living.

  2. I can help by picking up litter when i see ot on the floor. Also we can put posters up to say to keep the community clean and tidy and throw rubbish in the bins. When we see homeless people on the road we can give them food to eat. I can help keep my house tidy by putting all the toys aways when I am finished playing and not making a mess. I can help wash a car.
    Selfish Jack fell ill and the rest of the animals helped him by calling the doctors and giving him food.

  3. #I will help my community by keep my city clean, picking litters and put it in a bin, checking on my ill neighbors and playing with all nationality children in my street, also I will help old people to cross the road ,carrying stuff with them and helping poor people by donations.
    # The animals helped the cow even he was selfish, so they treat him how good things will always get back to you.

  4. I help my community by:
    Not throwing rubbish on the street
    Help my mum do the cleaning
    Respecting my neighbours
    Play with people on my street that has no freinds
    Tidy my room
    Helping people that get hurt

    • Hi Yedullah. I think that if you follow what you have written, you will be a great citizen and help in your community. Can you choose one of the examples please and draw a picture. Please send it in. I would love to see it.

  5. Take the trash out and put it in the bin.
    Tidy my room.
    Do the dishes.
    Do the Hoover.
    Tidy the street.
    Say hello to the neighbors.
    Play with someone if there lonely.
    Be polite to people.
    Clear the dinner table.

    • These are great examples of how we help out in our communities, Ibraheem.
      Mrs Penavega has asked you to draw a picture, could you use one of these examples and send it to Y2upload please.

  6. I would take care of my community by picking up my litter and putting it in the bin to keep the area clean.
    1) Respecting neighbours
    2) Treat everybody equally
    3) By helping elderly people
    4) No smoking
    5) Keeping the environment tidy and clean.

    • Your communities are very lucky to have you in them Hanfaa- I know we are at BH!!
      Can you create a poster or a small picture of one or all of these kind acts please and send it to Y2upload.
      Thank you- keep smiling 😊

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