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2R Coventry Blitz

As you know Week 6 is usually a Project week and we are lucky enough to have an entire week based around Music. Our theme is Coventry Blitz, which links to our Topic work for next half term. We have already gained so much knowledge and understanding about how and why the Blitz happened. The video showcases children recalling their own facts they have learnt without any adult prompting, we are so proud! I do want to spoil too much so go ahead and watch the video below.

Below are two verses from the song November Sky by Greg Harper. Read the lyrics below or listen to audio carefully. You need to decide and identify the type of instruments that should be played. Explain your reasons why but look carefully at the vocabulary within the song.

Firestorm raging all around

Little Valerie cried why god why

As St Michael’s lit the Coventry sky


The pain that rained from the November sky

Well from the ashes of that old town

There rose a spirit of world renown

And that spirit it’ll never die

Still we remember that November sky


3 thoughts on “2R Coventry Blitz

  1. For example:

    ‘Firestorm’ I would play the drums because the loud sound reminds me of a storm in the sky.

    ‘Valerie cried’ I would use a triangle or bells, as the high pitch can symbolise the tears falling.

    ‘Lit the Coventry Sky’ when this is sung I would use a cymbal. I would play this once and hard to create a loud sound, similar to a firework.

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