2R English 21.05.20 Apostrophes for contraction

You can use apostrophes to show that you have omitted (left out) some letters when you are joining words together.

For example, you can join the words ‘you’ and ‘are’ together. You + are = you’re. The apostrophe takes the place of the removed letters. In this example, the letter a.

Sometimes, however, you need to rearrange the letters a bit when you contract the words. For example: will + not = won’t.

Using contractions like these makes your writing easier to read and more friendly.

Your work today is on Education City. Please log on and you will find your work in the ‘Homework’ section. The activity is called ‘Croaking Contractions’.

30 thoughts on “2R English 21.05.20 Apostrophes for contraction

  1. I scored 95%.
    1- We’re going to the park on my bike.
    2- I don’t like celebrating my birthday alone without my friends.
    3- I’ve done my work.

  2. Hello Miss Smith, the activity is not on Education City but i have made up some sentences of my own.
    1) I can’t play in the rain.
    2) My blanket was dirty so i couldn’t sleep with it.
    3) You shouldn’t talk to strangers.
    4) Once my hat was pink and i didn’t like it.

    • Well done for using your initiative, Hanfaa! They are brilliant examples of contracting apostrophes- Great work👍🏻.
      Remember I am important so it is always a capital!
      Have a try now sweetheart, I think Mrs Penavega has sorted it.

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