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2R How to make a banana milkshake

How to make a banana milkshake

What you will need:


  • two bananas
  • vanilla ice cream
  • milk


  • a chopping board
  • a blunt knife
  • a spoon
  • a blender
  • a jug
  • a cup


Watch and follow the video below!

Roughly serves  2.

Takes up to 15-30 minutes to prepare and make.


  • Please get a grown up to help you when using the blender.
  • Don’t use a sharp knife!


DO NOT forget to wash your hands before you handle the food/equipment!


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How did we get on?

In Year 2 today we all got the opportunity to prepare and make a banana milkshake for us to then enjoy at the end!  We had to follow some written instructions but not all of them were correct. Many of the steps and some important detail were missing! We decided that it would be best to improve them by verbally correcting the instruction and add some extra steps. Watch the video to find out more…

What instructional features have I used on this blog post?

For example: A title to inform the reader what the instructions are about.

Ladybirds literacy task set by Mrs Penavega:Write simple commands on how to make a banana milkshake.

12 thoughts on “2R How to make a banana milkshake

  1. First wash your hands.
    Then peel the banana and clean the suffix.
    Next poor ice cream in the blender.
    After put a cup of milk into the blender and put the lid on.
    Before put the blender on.
    Finally serve your milkshake.

  2. First wash your hands
    Next chop the bananas
    Then put ice cream
    After pour milk in a jug
    Then put it in a blender
    Last turn the blender
    Then you can drink it

  3. First wash our hands .
    Next chop the banana .
    Then put ice cream .
    After pour milk in a jug.
    The hen put it in a blender .
    Last turn the blender.
    Finally drink the banana milkshake.

  4. First chop the banana
    Next put the bananas in a blender
    Then get Vinla ice cream on the blender
    Second blende it and put the lid on
    Finally anjoy your milkshake

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