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2R Non-chronological reports

The Ladybirds were able to record an informative video explaining the features you’d expect to see in a non-chronological report. The Ladybirds worked well to name these features and pointed out evidence within the text. The Ladybirds had a brilliant time recording this video and I think you will enjoy it just as much as they did!

Challenge: Can you think of suitable subheadings or captions for the information below.

  1.  Zebras are constantly on the move for fresh grass to eat and water to drink. They’ll travel thousands of kilometres in search of green.
  2. So why do zebras have stripes? Well, scientists aren’t entirely sure. Their stripes perhaps serve to dazzle and confuse predators and biting insects, or to control the animal’s body heat. 
  3. If one of the group is wounded or injured, other zebras will circle around and attempt to drive off the hungry predator. 

4.                                                                                                     5.

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