2R-Thank you Parents

[ads_color_box color_background=”#1e2569″ color_text=”#fff700″]This morning Years 1,2 and 3 took part in their annual sports day, but as some of you may have noticed it was little different this year. This year, the children were able to take part in a range of activities, showcasing and practising different skills.

Throughout our morning we were accompanied by some fantastic parents and families. These parents surely helped make this day memorable in many ways. They supported by cheering on every child in 2 Red, assisted teachers by counting scores and even took part in some activities themselves!

  • Marley’s dad and Tymon’s mum went head to head in the speed bounce. 
  • Umar’s, A.Ansar’s, Aayan’s dad and Hamza’s mum competed to see who could throw the furthest!

Along with Lily and Layah’s family, Laura’s dad, Malaika’s, Abdullah’s and Rhema’s mum offering advice on how to tackle the activity. What a brilliant team we are!

Lastly, a big thank you to all parents who made sure their child was dressed appropriately and prepared for the day ahead of them.[/ads_color_box]

Sports Day 2018
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