2Red-Exclamation sentences

2Red have been learning about exclamation sentences this week in English. We have created some of our own exclamation sentences about Fantastic Mr Fox. Please watch our video: 


Write your own exclamation sentences! Use the poster above to help you.


Rewrite part of Fantastic Mr Fox including narrative, dialogue and exclamation sentences!



8 thoughts on “2Red-Exclamation sentences

  1. How fantastic that we have food!
    How mean are those farmers !
    What a great plan it was!
    How hungry I am!
    What a mess!
    What a terrifying farmers!

  2. How:
    how smelly this coop is!
    how horrid this smelly chicken is!
    how awful this chicken is!
    how stupid this chicken is!
    what a plump chicken!
    what a cheeky chicken!
    what a ugly farmer!

  3. What!
    What a smelly chicken coup this is!
    What a fat chicken there was!
    What a messy place this is!
    What a fantastic fox I am!
    How great I am.
    How Thirsty am I.

  4. How:
    How hungry I am!
    How mean are those farmers!
    How thirsty I am!
    How beautiful it is up here!
    What a pump chicken this is!
    What a yummy chicken this is!
    What a great fox you are!
    What a weak fox you are!

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