Our detectives

Clue 1

We used the coordinates to unravel and unscramble a sentence. This sentence revealed our first clue. Saira sketched up a wanted poster, whilst Ravi narrowed down the 32 suspects.

“It’s a girl. Girls have long hair”- Saira

“I think it’s Miss Harrison-Brandon”- Ravi

Clue 2

We had to spot a pattern to work out the code. It took us quite a while to work out that the alphabet was in order just starting from J. Then Abdullah was quick to work out the next clue.

“The suspect has dark, long hair. It’s a mixture of black and brown.” “A suspect is someone who murdered …they could have done it” – Aayan

“ There is only 4 suspects” – Abdullah  

Clue 3

A short man was seen leaving the scene. Hmm this did narrow it down!

 Clue 4 and 5

We then worked out that the murderer left their glasses behind. There was only one suspect left …. Rudy George!

Can you describe Rudy George’s appearance so the public can keep an eye out?

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