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2Red Spring Term Awards

Our first award was presented to Sabah Shah! Throughout the year, Sabah has achieved the top end of the scores either 9 or 10. Sabah has done herself proud this term as she has scored 10/10 every week for 11 weeks straight! Not only this, Sabah has also showcased brilliant spelling throughout her work in all subjects with little to none corrections being made.

The Ladybird table have gone and done it again! We began the Spring term back in January when we wiped the slate clean and cleared the DOJO points. The Ladybird table have had a few new members but have continued to work as a brilliant team. Well done and I hope you enjoy your Easter eggs!

As you know, to raise money for Sports Relief Mr Elliott had put together an assault course. We had an amazing amount of children who contributed to the charity in order for them to take part in the race. Our winners were Saira and Umar, who were congratulated with some medals!

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