2Red- Visit from Coventry University for Science

Emma and Jason from Coventry University came to visit us Today to help us to learn about how to stay healthy. We learnt the importance of having a healthy balance of food and exercise. Watch our video below.


How much exercise should you do each day?

What types of exercise could you do?

How many fruit and vegetables should you eat daily?

We learnt that food is fuel, what happens if we consume too much food and do not exercise enough?

What is our hardest working muscle?

Why do we need Oxygen?



6 thoughts on “2Red- Visit from Coventry University for Science

  1. 1 hour at least
    you could do the gym skipping running pressups
    you should eat 5 a day
    we get overweighted
    at the top of our arms
    so we can breath

  2. 1. Exercise for 1 hour.
    3.Fruit and veg 5 a day.
    4.Get fat and no energy.
    5.At the top of the arms.
    6.To help us breath.

  3. Healthy foods:

    How much exercise should we do each day?
    We should do a 1 hour (60 minutes) exercise so our body pushes blood faster.

    How many types of exercises are there?
    There are
    Moderate exercise
    Normal exercise
    Aerobic exercise
    Anaerobic exercise

    How many fruits and veg’s should we have daily?

    We should mainly have 5 a day and if we eat more, the stronger you get.
    This will help your muscles get stronger and all the weakness would be gone.

    What happens if we eat fat food everyday and don’t do exercise?
    What will happen, is that we will get even fat and all our muscles would all squirmy like Jason had.
    If we do not do our 60 minutes exercise our blood will take a long time to spread around in our body.

    What is our strongest muscle?

    Well our strongest muscle is our moderate muscle, which is kept right at the top of your arms.
    This muscle would need lots of protein and carbohydrates so it can get stronger.

    Why do we need oxygen?

    We breathe because oxygen is needed to burn the fuel (sugars and fatty acids in our cells to produce energy.)
    Oxygen is brought into the lungs via breathing.

  4. Wow what good knowledge you have. I love your video.

    Thank you all for being good listeners and speakers.

    I hope you enjoy your 5 a day and 60 minute challenge 😀

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