2S Lost Lunchbox Mystery!

Well… today we had a bit of a problem didn’t we 2S? After breaktime, Murran realised her lunchbox was missing! She was certain she put it on the trolley but her lovely pink Hello Kitty lunchbox was nowhere to be seen!

Here is Murran.

CHALLENGE 1: Can you give me some interesting adjectives to tell me how Murran was feeling?


2S are a super team so we thought it would be kind to become excellent detectives and work together to help her find it! After all, Murran would be so hungry at lunchtime if we didn’t! We searched all around the school, took photos as evidence and tiptoed very quietly just in case the culprit was nearby!

Here are some of the places we looked:

DSCN6165 DSCN6166 DSCN6167 DSCN6171 DSCN6172 DSCN6176

But sadly, we had no luck in any of these places! We found some suspicious suspects along the way… Do you think any of these cheeky characters could be to blame?

DSCN6174 DSCN6175 DSCN6169DSCN6180

FINALLY we found the lunchbox!!! Where? In the new library behind a chair! Somebody definitely hid it there… but who?

CHALLENGE 2: How do you think Murran is feeling now?


We are going to write some fantastic stories about our mystery next week so watch this space!

CHALLENGE 3: Who do you think hid Murran’s lunchbox and why?


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  1. Wow, I love this blog, I can’t think of a culprit…come on 2S get your thinking caps on and find out who it was. Murray definitely looked distressed :(

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