2S Smoothie Making

Ready… Steady…. COOK!

Today, with the help of ‘Head Chef’ Mrs Patel, we have made delicious smoothies in Literacy as part of our unit on ‘Instructions’.


Watch the video and see if you can write some fantastic clear instructions on the blog.

Think carefully about the features of an instructional text – I would like to see a title, what you will need list and clear instructions.

Can you use a range of imperative verbs? Here are some that we collected during the lesson: wash, chop, cut, peel, pour, add, tip, spoon, scoop, blend, mix, share, drink.

If you are EXTRA clever, you might be able to include time words, adjectives or adverbs like ‘carefully’.

Miss Smith is looking forward to your help! She is not very good in the kitchen!!


4 thoughts on “2S Smoothie Making

  1. Hi 2S,
    Rhys came and told me all about your smoothie video and he was right…it is an AMAZING video! I can see you all worked hard together, taking turns and listening to instructions to create a delicious smoothie.

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