2S Sports Day

Hi 2S!

Year 1 & 2 Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 20th June at 1:15. Parents are welcome to come and support us!

Children, you must wear the correct coloured t-shirt. You MUST have appropriate P.E pumps or trainers, shorts/jogging bottoms and your coloured top. Hopefully the weather will be nice!

Here is a reminder of your team colours:

Red Blue Green Yellow
Haleema – sprint Aleem – egg & spoon Ilhan – sprint, hoola hooper Ryan – grand national, hoola hooper
Sheza – sprint Mariam – egg & spoon Aryan – sprint, sack race Leila – sprint
Rohit – hoola hooper Ajad – sack race Rayhaan – egg & spoon Deniss – obstacle
  Michelle – sack race Malaikah – egg & spoon Khadija – obstacle
  Ahmed – grand national Armaan– egg & spoon Aliyah – obstacle
  Murran – grand national Julia– egg & spoon Leia – grand national
    Andreea – sack race Menahel – grand national
    Abdur-Rahim – sack race Rhys – hoola hooper, sprint
    Bethany – sack race  
    Humair – grand national  
    Martyna – grand national  
    Renee – grand national  

2 thoughts on “2S Sports Day

  1. I think that all the children were doing really well on sports day. They were all fast and believing in there selves. I was crosing my fingers for all the children. Well done to everybody that joined sports day.

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