2S Super Spellers

Hi 2S!

This week Miss Smith was very sad with our spelling scores! Lots of children got 3, 2, 1 or even 0 out of 10! This is not good enough because remember, 2S are the best! Please make sure we are practising our spellings lots at home – copy them down onto a piece of paper if you are handing your homework folder in. You can also practise them lots at school. Every table tray has a copy for you to practise when you arrive in the morning or if you finish your work a little early.

Nevertheless, we still had some SUPER spellers who had 10/10 this week! A big congratulations to:

Aryan Mattu

Ahmed Mustafa

Leia Wong

Leila Dadkhah

Julia Krusinowska

These children managed to put a smile back on Miss Smith’s face on Friday! Thank you – I can tell you have been working hard and practising like the excellent Broad Heath citizens you are!

Let’s get back on the ‘Road to Success’ 2S! I KNOW we can do it! Make me proud!

3 thoughts on “2S Super Spellers

  1. I’m sad to read that Miss Smith is unhappy with the spelling scores :(, come on 2S keep your class mantra in your head and believe you can do better. You are all the drivers to your own success, now get on the road! Make Miss Smith and Mrs Patel proud.

  2. Congratulations to Aryan, Mustafa, Leia, leila and Julia on your spelling test but I’m really sad to hear the other children haven’t been practising their spellings. I hope to be able to come to your classroom on Friday with a learning brick for Miss Smiths super spellers. To get this brick I expect to hear you’ve all worked really hard and got 10/10.
    Remember to practise your spellings EVERY DAY.

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