2S Superworm Book Week

Our very first week in 2S was book week. We learnt about Superworm, a fantastic book by Julia Donaldson. Do you know any other books by Julia?

We would like to share our very own video with you.

We worked in teams to create the different settings using lots of different techniques and materials. They are on display in our classroom if you would like to see them. We then worked hard to remember our lines and retell the story. We put this together using an app on the ipad called iMovie. We hope you enjoy it!

CHALLENGE 1: Can you tell me what a setting is? What were the settings in Superworm?

We did lots of reading work including predictions, dictionary and comprehension work in lots of different ways.

DSCN6070 DSCN6074

CHALLENGE 2: Who were the main characters in Superworm?

We went on a minibeast hunt around school.

DSCN6089 DSCN6094 DSCN6096 DSCN6101

CHALLENGE 3: Where did we find the most minibeasts? Why do you think this is? Which minibeasts did we find?

We researched minibeasts using the ipads and also measured some ‘worms’.

DSCN6078 DSCN6105

CHALLENGE 4: Can you tell me a fact about your favourite minibeast?

On the last day of Book Week, we held the Superworm Olympics.

DSCN6121 DSCN6123 DSCN6127 DSCN6131

CHALLENGE 5: Name some of the things Superworm could become.

Look at some of the fantastic minibeasts we made.


CHALLENGE 6: Can you work which creatures Michelle, Martyna and Deniss created?


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      Where else was the story set? Think about what happened to Wizard Lizard…

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